What we do

Medical treatment and beyond

The intensive consultation goes far beyond the acute medical field. VEREDOS sees itself as a service and management company for you and your companions. We will help you with your travel organisation, including visa. Our VIP service keeps saloon cars, interpreter for medical visits, personal security and babysitter ready. Upon request you will be accompanied in the transit traffic on Frankfurt airport from the arrival out of your home country to the check-in desk of your destination.

The patient is in the centre of attention

You can contact us any time for all the essential questions regarding your medical care and your stay in Germany.
VEREDOS understands the difficult situation for patients and their relatives, who come to a foreign country with a foreign culture and language to receive medical treatment there. Our attentive and sensitive staff will readily accompany you.
The far-reaching offer of VEREDOS, apart from medical check-up and rehabilitation, includes also wellness, beauty and style advice, cosmetic treatments, recommendation for exclusive shopping, creative organisation of the leisure time with cultural and tourist highlights.

What happens when?

You have decided to come to Germany for medical or rehabilitative treatment?
In a few steps we now describe the arrangements to be made:
You visit your GP and discuss the matter with him.
2Compiling the documents
He recommends you the journey, draws up a report of your illness, perhaps compiles other examination reports or X-ray takes and further material, which is important for your treatment in Germany.
3Medical assessment and therapy suggestion
Your medical reports are assessed by our medical consortium. Afterwards we suggest the qualitatively best treatment for the respective case in the relevant clinic. Your documents are now forwarded to a selected specialist clinic with the request to assess it, suggest a therapy and draw up a provisional cost calculation. Should you already have stated a date for your travel, a hotel request for you and your relatives and further services, the respective dates and costs are drawn up now.
4Offer and treatment contract
After all your documents have been collected, you will receive an offer on the costs of all the requested services and a treatment contract.
5Payment or bearing the costs
If you accept the offer we will send the treatment contract signed by you back to Berlin - at the same time you will pay the calculated costs onto the account of VEREDOS GmbH or present a declaration about the bearing of the costs by your insurance.
6Organisation of the journey
Afterwards all bookings are made. The office in Jeddah plans your journey and obtains the visa.
7Leaving for Germany
If you wish, you may be picked up at home and be taken to the airport on the day of your departure. In case you have booked a VIP-service for the transit stay at Frankfurt Airport, you will be shown directly to the departure counter of your destination as soon as you arrive.
8Arrival in Germany / Consulting a doctor
If you wish, you will be taken directly from the airport at your destination to your hotel or to the hospital by means of a limousine service. You will be provided with a translator for your visit at the doctor's if wanted.
9Care of relatives
During the patient's stay at the hospital we offer relatives suggestions for a varied leisure time programme.
10Stay in Germany and departure
You will be taken back to the airport after the completion of your treatment and your stay in Germany.