About Us

Medical Competence Centre

VEREDOS is a competence centre for foreign patients having medical questions. Fundamental need is a detailed knowledge about the strengths and drawbacks of the German health system. Consultant medical consortium conducted by Prof. Dr. med. Horst Schmutzler, its long experience is the guarantee of a specialist knowledge.

VEREDOS has a chain of specialists, hospitals, health centres, university clinics, rehabilitation centres as well as institutions in renowned spa resorts at its disposal. VEREDOS is a foundation member of the company "Association Berlin”, which feels obliged to serve international patients in a specific way.


VEREDOS has specialised on offering international patients a high medical standard in renowned German medical centres and private clinics, which often cannot be obtained by them in their home countries.

VEREDOS service spectrum is expanded a lot further than just the medical care of the patients. For each patient an individually designed care package is offered, according to their wishes, which make the stay in Germany as pleasant as possible for them and their fellow travellers.

With the implementation of the extensive offer VEREDOS acts as coordinator between patients and doctors but also between the participating institutions in the different countries..